Brief : A new transformation for Gan Clan Singapore. To build a community among the Gans with pride in their heritage and to promote traditional Chinese culture and values. 

Approach :  Giving the whole space a touch of modern with oriental minimalist. Gan Clan hopes to encourage more younger generation to participate in the activities and to understand the history of Gan. The whole spatial design was developed with a great understanding of the history and culture of Gan. With the beginning of Gans as the introduction of the space and the evolvement of the surname character, flowing to the China history then to Nanyang Pre and Post War.  Colours and materials were selected based on the period of the history. The space was also carefully thought to ensure that every exhibited panels are modular and easy to be shifted.  
Signage Process  : LOGO - Hand carved the signage on merbau wood and inked it with gold for the Logo 
VISION PLATE - Took a week to rust the plate and edged text with black ink 

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